ƨαιℓσя мσσи αт Ƭяαʌℓαтσя$
ҒҒѴƖƖ вαвɛ/нɛитαι ℓσʌɛя
Ǥιиα ϰχϰ ραятʏ тняσωɛя

мʏ զʋɛɛи∂σм:

my zouz and I in CK why

mark beyer my idol

I’ve been drawing for the first time in years today

im either losing it or not scared of anything anymore

here s the scandal anyways


Conception of Alexander the Great, Les faize d’Alexandre (translation of Historiae Alexandri Magni of Quintus Curtius Rufus), Bruges ca. 1468-1475. British Library, Burney 169, fol. 14r

(Source: discardingimages)


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